Millet, Oats or Quinoa – what Indians are looking for?

I was really curious to know that what people of India are searching and what are they interested in? As Google is the first thing that people rely on to find out about anything. I too rely on Google trends for trends on particular topic. It gives really interesting insights with nice and easy to understand visualizations.

In past 2 years my areas of interest has been nutrition and lifestyle. According to their popularity and benefits to human, these can be called as “Super Foods of India“!

When I saw google trends on MILLET, OATS and QUINOA. It was found that Oats have been taking the top rank over last 5 years, followed by Quinoa, and sadly our own best of all grain Millet lags behind.

If we see region wise, here are the trends –

  • Highest interest for Millets were seen in states – Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh
  • Highest interest for Oats were seen in states – Punjab, Karnataka, Haryana
  • Highest interest for Quinoa were seen in states – Haryana, Karnataka, Punjab

It’s shocking to see the search trends when compared to Quinoa and Oats with Millets. We Indians have forgotten our own super-foods (Jau, Bajra, Raagi and so on) and should make every effort to include millets in our diets. Many of us are not even aware what Millets are, specially the new generation and it is primarily due to the sponsored advertising by the food industry that would rather market the imported stuff that gets them maximum profits.

Check out this video that gives an overview of what millets are –

It is evident from the related queries that people are really interested in knowing their HINDI names and recipes. Wanna know the health benefits of Millet…watch this interesting video –