millet flour atta home made

Millet are highly nutritious, non-glutinous and not acid forming foods. Hence they are soothing and easy to digest. Millet are considered to be the least allergenic and most digestible grains available. Millet clears toxins from body. Watch this Millet Flour Method that you can make at home in your kitchen. Recipe includes tips on how to prepare Millet grain, how to dry grain, how to grind and make best flour,

10 best millet recipes

If you are looking for healthy millet recipes using variety of millet, you have landed at the right place. We have got the best and healthy millet recipes that can be easily made at home. We have tried to use different millet in each recipe. If you are new to Millets, you must watch All About Millets which gives you brief introduction , types and benefits of millet. Millets have

compare khadar valli siridhanya vs biswaroop roy dip diet vs bv chauhan new diet system

पूरा विश्लेषण पहली बार – जानिये तीनों में बेहतर कौन – सिरिधान्य फ़ूड सिस्टम, DIP डाइट, NDS सिस्टम (Dr Khadar Vali, Dr Biswaroop Roy, Sh BV Chauhan Ji) In this video we explain in details all three prominent food systems – Dr. Khadar’s Siridhanya Millet Based Food, Dr. Biswaroop Roy’s DIP Diet System and Sh. BV Chauhan’s NDS (New Diet System). Main features of all three with Do’s and Dont’s.

Dr Khadar Kashaya Kashayalu

Many of Dr. Khadar Valli’s new followers have this common question, what is Kashaya? (or Kashayalu as it is called in local language), and how to prepare Kashaya? Drinking herbal decoctions have been a very old practice traditionally. Grandmothers used to suggest different ‘kashayas’ depending on the symptoms of patients. According to Dr. Khadar Vali, deadly diseases like different cancers could be kept at bay by drinking certain ‘kashayas’ (herbal

Porridge Millet Ganji

Millet Porridge (also called Millet Ganji, or Millet Daliya, or Millet Gaanji, or Millet Gruel) is a good and healthy replacement of other drinks like tea, coffee, and other western breakfast meals like corn-flake, cereals etc. In past, our parents would begin their day by consuming Daliya (made with water), and it was considered to be a full and nutritious meal. Eating/drinking Millet Daliya/Ganji will improve your food cravings, as

Navratra Healthy Eating & Detox Tips (Life Changing Do's & Dont's)

Wish you all a very healthy and joyous Navratra! Do you know that Navratra days are very special and there is a scientific reason why special fasting is recommended during these days in our ancient scripts. During these days in year our body goes through a special phase and as a result the immunity drops to low, so to avoid getting sick, our ancient religion books recommended Navratra week, to

Bollywood moms' blind love for packaged food

It seems that brands selling FMCG are in love with Bollywood mommies. Why not, as they want to target  working new age mommies and kids, and this further goes deeper in families. I doubt if Bollywood ever realizes that, they are not just “endorsing these products”, but indirectly selling and promoting lifestyles to your fans and rest of the world. Many mothers look up to you for healthy lifestyle and