Organic Farmer's Markets in Delhi

Delhi Organic Farmers Market – Also called DOFM, Delhi Organic Farmers’ Market is Delhi’s oldest organic farmers’ market and as shared on their FB page, it is run by organic farmers & primary producers. It is a place where organic producers & growers from in and around Delhi come every week. Key producers and products on sale are organic vegetables, fruits & salads, organic lentils, rice & millet farmers; organic dairy

Organic Farmers' Markets - Gurgaon

Gurgaon Organic Farmers Market – Also called GOFM, is one of the best organic market in this region and many vendors, and farmers from near by region bring fresh and seasonal produce like fruits and vegetables, as well as staples, and the best feature of this market is that it offers vegan friendly products as well. This market also has a few vendors like I Say Organic that offer a

Make Your Own Composting Kit at Home - DIY Project

I talked about home composting options in my other post “Home Composting for You Kitchen/Backyard Garden“, here I am going to share a quite easy way to make a composting kit/bin at home. This will not save some initial money for sure, but also help clarify some basic questions about composting kits that are hard to find elsewhere. Lets look at different methods of composting – Pot Composting – uses

Home Composting for Your Kitchen/Backyard Garden

I got involved with home/kitchen gardening just about two years ago, almost at the same time as I picked interest for whole plant based diet, and it was hard to really do much in a small flat in Delhi, so I started building my small garden when we moved to Gurgaon last year. As we all know, with right soil-compost mix you can grow just about anything (need a bit

North indian thali at Rasa Dhatu, Mysuru

It was our first visit to Mysuru, and searching for place to eat was on top of our list that serves “pure”, “organic”, “raw”, “wholesome”, “like home”, “fresh” food, and when I pinned Rasa Dhatu on my Google Map, I knew that I must visit this place at least once. I do not normally write about restaurants on my blog, but his time I couldn’t avoid it. I’m a vegetarian

Millet, Oats or Quinoa - what Indians are looking for?

I was really curious to know that what people of India are searching and what are they interested in? As Google is the first thing that people rely on to find out about anything. I too rely on Google trends for trends on particular topic. It gives really interesting insights with nice and easy to understand visualizations. In past 2 years my areas of interest has been nutrition and lifestyle. According

Why Do We Get Sick Despite Having Good Diet?

Ever wondered why we get sick despite having good diet? Be it an adult, or kids that are full of energy all the time, and even someone who would be a regular at gym or yoga classes, still get sick and Of course, there is no way we can completely eliminate sickness as we are living in a world full of germs and bacteria, but sickness can be avoided to

Zucchini & Carrot Salad Recipe

Zucchini & Carrot Salad – a sweet and creamy salad that is loaded with goodness of vitamins! It is creamy without milk, it is sweet without sugar, so what are you waiting for, check this out and make it yours!