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Popularly known as Finger Millet or Nachni in North India, the grain actually originated in Africa and has been cultivated in Uganda, Ethiopia. It ranks sixth in production after wheat, rice, maize, sorghum and bajra in India. Its scientific name is Eleusine coracana.

WholesomeTales Millet Grain Siridhanya Names Different Languages

Millet names in different Indian languages – Hindi Punjabi Tamil Telugu Kannada Malayalam Gujarati Odia (हिंदी தமிழ் తెలుగు ಕನ್ನಡ മലയാളംमराठी ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ગુજરાતી বাংলা ଓଡିଆ). Learn more about Millet or Siridhanya Millet.

Foxtail Millet Roti Chapati Diabetic Friendly Gluten Free

Foxtail Millet Roti is yummy, soft and fluffy! Siridhanya Foxtail Millet is good for nerves and joints as a result it is helpful in all nerve related problems e.g bed wetting in kids, convulsions, fits, old age problems like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s.

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Barnyard Manchurian (झिंगोरा, सांवा, स्वां, बारनयार्ड मिलेट) is a healthy snack recipe that every member in family can eat – you can fry it, bake it or air-fry it. This snack is one that every member in family can eat.