Why doctors are NOT able to cure Diabetes?

Our conventional doctors are good at treating acute disease only. They apply the same methods in treating chronic diseases, which actually does not work. Our so called Health Care Systems is actually Disease Management System. They are managing the disease by suppressing the symptoms.

India is 2nd in the world in terms of number of diabetic people with over 65 million diabetes patients in India, it might soon beat China that is number one at the moment. Type-2 diabetes and other chronic diseases like High BP, Depression, Hypertension are lifestyle disease. In case of type-2 diabetes, normally we believe that its a blood sugar problem; but its not. Blood sugar is the symptom, its not the cause. Doctors are trying to fix the level of blood sugar. If we will treat only the symptoms, we can never get rid of disease. Actually Type-2 diabetes is fully reversible and preventable disease as long as we fix the root cause.

There can be many causes (one or more of these) leading to diabetes or other lifestyle disease –

Diet : Our diet plays a vital role. It could be that your meals for past several years has been full of processed (=junk) food?

Sleep deprivation: You may be sleep deprived due to your work-life imbalance. Even one night’s sleep deprivation can lead to insulin resistance.

Physical inactivity : Now a days we are living a far leisure life, it is far more comfortable than it used to be in those days in caves, on the trees, or even if we compare with how our ancestors lived two centuries ago. Hence we need need to add more physical activity to make body work itself.

Lack of exposure to sunlight : Going back to previous point of inactivity, our exposure to sun has taken dip with indoor lifestyle be it at home or at workplaces, resulting in near zero sun exposure for several days, which is so important to keep us healthy. Of course, pharma industry would like us to apply layers of sunscreen before we go out, is another cause leading to many ailments, and deficiencies.

Stress levels : mental stress, emotional stress, or some other type of stress in body can also be a hidden killer, so don’t ignore those signs.

Age factor : As we are getting older, we are loosing muscle mass and it will cause insulin resistance.

Gut bacteria: There are trillions of bugs living inside our body. The balance of those bugs is critical for overall health.

We need a brand new way of looking at disease. Fortunately many doctors have started looking at the disease in this way. All chronic diseases (insulin resistance, depression, High BP, heart problems etc.) seems to be separate diseases. But all have common root cause (as listed above). We need to change our mindset.

Normally we end up blaming our genes for chronic disease specially Type-2 diabetes. Our genetics are not our destiny. Our genes just load the gun, but it’s the factors in our environment that interact with our genes and pulls the trigger. We don’t need medicines for chronic disease, we just need lifestyle changes and disease will disappear.

Here are some quick stats –
(source: gobyme.com)