Rasa Dhatu, Mysuru – More than just a restaurant!

It was our first visit to Mysuru, and searching for place to eat was on top of our list that serves “pure”, “organic”, “raw”, “wholesome”, “like home”, “fresh” food, and when I pinned Rasa Dhatu on my Google Map, I knew that I must visit this place at least once. I do not normally write about restaurants on my blog, but his time I couldn’t avoid it. I’m a vegetarian – a pure one, not the fake kind or few days a week kind. I love discover new places around the globe and this is the best I have tried so far!

Millet Dosa at Rasa Dhatu Mysuru

Restaurant Rasa Dhatu, Mysuru, is nestled in the quiet neighborhood of Vani Vilasa Mohalla on 10th Cross Road, just off Kalidasa Road. The restaurant serves healthy, home style yet pro cooking using organic ingredients, and more importantly it has many millet (Siridanya Millet) based items which is considered to be super food of India. The interiors are cozy and nicely done, no fuss, simple, clean and comfortable. The restaurant is housed on the first floor of the building and next to the restaurant is Dhatu, the organic store that has wide variety of organic items.

Salad at Rasa Dhatu, Mysuru

First thing that surprised us, was elaborated menu, it comprised salads, soups, starters, fruit juices, drinks and desserts too and of course a blackboard highlighting the menu of the day.

Rasa Dhatu is not the “normal” standard restaurant that you would expect, the team/manager will guide you about items on menu. We were 3 of us, me and my husband and my son, the restaurant manager suggested us few options. We decided to try “Mixed Vegetable Soup”, “Country Salad”, and “Samme Khichdi”, and “North Indian Thali” and it was a fantastic experience, a mixture of discovering tastes of millet and admiration for the presentation, and aroma of fresh cooked food. It was lunch time, and we were very hungry after a 3 hr long flight from Delhi, followed by 3 hr long road trip from Bengaluru Airport to Mysuru, and what can be better than a satisfying meal after a long journey.

North Indian Thali at Rasa Dhatu, Mysuru

The service staff, was wonderful, nice and attentive, not only does this restaurant serve organic vegetarian food, but it also has vegan and gluten free versions of it, which is icing on cake!

Noodles at Rasa Dhatu, Mysuru

A 3-course meal for three would cost less than Rs. 1000. It is a great restaurant for those who like vegetarian/vegan food.

We thought we are done, and proceeded to local site seeing tour, but as the day progressed and it was time for dinner, we just could not think of going elsewhere and headed again to Rasa Dhatu knowing that we might not get this opportunity in near term. We finished our dinner with filter coffee, which again proved  to be the best coffee we had in recent times.

Filter Coffee at Rasa Dhatu, Mysuru

Last but not the least, I was eager to meet the founders of Dhatu Organics & Naturals to personally thank them for the experience.

Rasa Dhatu Mysuru Team

Here is how I would rate Rasa Dhatu –

Service – 10/10
Prompt and quick service, the server explained the options/variations that we could try and demonstrated good knowledge of items on menu. We did not have to wait for long to get the food we ordered that was just brilliant!

Food variety – 10/10
We never expected the menu to be as elaborated as theirs, and further we assumed that most of them items are not going to be available (like it happens on 6/10 restaurants you visit), and we were so wrong, as they had all that was on menu! Wow!

Preparation and Presentation – 10/10
Food was so balanced on spices, taste and preparation that we could not have enough of even simple roti, rice, not to mention about their millet specialties, presentation was good too!

Serving size – 10/10
The portions were right too, most of the items were sufficient for two of us, so we got good servings for the price we paid.

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