Female infertility & solution – explained

Research suggests there has been over 25% rise in infertility in last five years in India, and one in six couples face infertility problem today. Key signs of infertility are the inability to get pregnant which could be due to one or more reasons e.g. issues with menstrual cycle duration (more than 35 days or under 21 days), missed menstrual cycle, and as a result you may be having problems ovulating and not able to conceive.

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The root cause of infertility can be due to multiple factors, namely alcohol/smoking/drug abuse, stress, excess weight, menstrual cycle issues (as mentioned above), thyroid problems, but the most common reason these days is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)/Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD), or hormonal imbalance.

The fix to the infertility problem can be complex, long and painful process, but rarely people know that in most cases female infertility can be treated with simple diet changes, most of which I covered in my earlier post “PCOS reversal is possible”, it is quite likely that you will notice the difference if you switch to suggested diet, but diet alone may not cure the infertility as there could be other reasons involved that diet alone can’t fix, but a healthy and balanced diet (just eating fruits is n’t healthy diet!) can do wonders so while you try other solutions/ways, make sure you get your diet right.

There are home remedies (“desi ilaaz” or “dadi maa ke nuskhe” as we call it in Hindi), that has great powers to heal infertility, one such home remedy is known to my mother-in-law and she has successfully treated at least hundreds cases thus far. She won’t reveal the remedy as she believes that reveling the remedy would render it ineffective so she prepares the mix herself and gives it as “prasaad” and has helped many couples fulfill their dreams of having a family! It is so powerful that it worked 100% of the times thus far, and some couples actually been blessed with twins.

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According to her, what works is the faith in self, and in the “prasaad”, and she would also give some general guidance on how to eat the “prasaad” (just 4 doses!)

She won’t get much time to prepare “prasaad” now a days, but would usually help if anyone in need requests her. I would be happy to connect you with her, if anyone of my readers having similar issues looking for help.