WT’s Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Awesome Smoothies!

For many preparing green smoothie may be tough. I can feel that…. as I have spent hours and it took me multiple tries to find my perfect mix to great smoothie. If you are fond of juicing, smoothies gives you 10s of other options to drink greens and fruits. But once I got it right, there was no looking back, every day it was a new mix, going into blender and few fails but the results were yum at end. One can adjust recipe and mix-n-match fruits and veggies according to one’s taste and preferences, but there is still a fine way to make those yum smoothies.

Green smoothies are perfect way to have your greens and fruits in a go. Specially when you don’t have time (or patience) to chew all those mix of veggies and fruits….it’s like you are outsourcing your chewing job to blender, saving your time and getting more nutrition in less time.

If you are looking for more details on difference between juicing and blending and how to pick a right juicer or blender, I strongly recommend reading article Juicing vs Blending: Best Way to Drink Fruits and Greens!

Let’s find the perfect blend! The three key ingredients in a smoothie are – Fruit(s), Green(s), and Liquid Base.

Image credit: flickr.com/photos/dlee13

Here are some of my favourite yum and simple smoothies…

Banana Spinach Smoothie : This is the first green smoothie that I tried. It keeps me full for longer, loads of fiber, and full of energy!

Blend banana, spinach in water (I prefer coconut water). Add herbs and spices for taste and flavour and you got the perfect smoothie!

My other fav smoothies mixes are Mango, Pineapple-Orange, Strawberry-Banana….and here is my Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Smoothies! Hopefully this will save time while ensuring you always got the right mix in blender.

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