Siridhanya Millet with Photos, Benefits, Best Recipes

What are Siridhanya Millet?

Siridhanya Millet are positive millet that have balanced nutritional profile. The fiber in positive millet is weaved in a very special way in the grain. These 5 positive millet are – Kodo, Little, Foxtail, Barnyard and Browntop. We introduce you to the smart, healthy and sustainable food called Siridhanya Millet.

all about siridhanya millet positive millet kodo barnyard browntop little foxtail

Click here to know the names of these millet in local languages like Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Ordia, Malyalam, Kannada, Bengali etc.

These millet are replacing wheat & rice in our kitchens. Firstly, millet are the solution to many health and environment problems. Secondly, These are highly nutritious, non-glutinous and not acid forming foods. They are soothing, easy to digest as a result these millets are considered to be the least allergenic and most digestible grains. Moreover, these millet are easy to grow, need less water. You can learn more about Jungle Kheti (Kadu Krishi) – a method developed by Dr. Khadar Vali of Myruru.

Here, you will learn all about siridhanya millet i.e. Kodo, Little, Foxtail, Barnyard, Browntop with photos. This video also explains the benefits along with clear pictures of all 5 of the millets.

Wish you lean the science behind millet grains? Watch this video that explains what are millet, different types of millet like positive millet, neutral millet, negative millet.

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