Navratra Roti Recipes – Amaranth Chapati & Millet Chapati

Navratra days are special for all families and we wish to have gluten free roti specially for fasting (vrat) so here comes Navratra Roti Recipe. Most common grains used during fasting are Amaranth and Barnyard Millet – also called Rajgira and Samak respectively. Both these grains are naturally gluten-free and full of fiber.

Navratri Fast Roti Special video covers two recipes in detail that you can make at home and entire family would love it.

Vrat Navratra Roti Recipe 1 : Amaranth Roti/Rajgira Roti

Ingredients: 1 cup Amaranth flour, 1 Big Boiled Potato, salt as needed, ginger, green chilies, Ghee/Oil

Vrat Navratra Roti Recipe 2: Barnyard Millet Roti

Ingredients: 1 cup Barnyard Millet (Samak Chawal), salt as needed, Ghee/Oil

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Barnyard Millet is Cream-ish or Off-white in color Helpful in Liver and Bladder related issues like Typhoid, Jaundice, Hepatitis. Very helpful for Alcoholics who have damaged their liver due to excessive alcohol consumption. Helps in de-addiction of nicotine, tobacco, alcohol etc.

Amaranth grain is rich in fiber, protein and micro-nutrients. It is the only grain that has Vitamin C. It has well balanced amino acid composition. Amaranth leaves are also popular for its nutritional value.

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