HIIT Just 5 Minute Full Body Exercise – 1 घंटे जिम, 1 घंटे की दौड़ के बराबर असर

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In this latest video Dr Biswaroop Roy Ji (PhD) is sharing a complete high intensity training that has same effect as 1 hour exercise, or 1 hour walking. It is easy cardio exercise routine that takes just 5-10 minutes and one can do this exercise in office, in kitchen (using kitchen slab), at home without costly gym equipment.

👍 शरीर कैसे चलता है ? बीमारी कैसे शुरू होती है ? – https://youtu.be/nV8L0tgqW1w
💪शरीर की सफाई के तीन आसान तरीके https://youtu.be/BPEpGSzdgzk
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