Dr Biswaroop Roy DIP Diet on Diabetes Reversal – Diabetes Type 1 & Type 2

Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury – Session No. 1 – Diet for Diabetes Type 1, Diet for Diabetes Type 2, Lifestyle Problems, Hypertension Diet

📌Dr Biswaroop explains how to reverse lifestyle disease with right food.
📌Reverse Diabetes with DIP Diet
📌Causes of Diabetes Type1
📌Causes of Diabetes Type2
📌How to taper medicine and Insulin
📌What to do in case of Type 1 diabetes (Insulin Dependent)
📌Right Blood glucose level

Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury series with focus on DIP Diet, Game of Life Diet, DIP Protocol by Biswaroop Roy Ji. Live sessions with Biswaroop Roy, Talk Show, Live Questions & Answers, Testimonials and lot more!

⭐इस वीडियो में बताये गए दुसरे जरुरी वीडियो के लिंक –
👉 Dr. Biswaroop का Best Interview – https://youtu.be/BTf8sKORpLk
👉 Dr. BRC की पूरी DIP Diet – https://youtu.be/fLHRE9TsiWQ

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👉 Watch videos (Siridhanya Millets, Dr Khadar Vali) – http://bit.ly/2v9MsYU
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