शरीर की सफाई के 3 तरीके (3 Methods to cleanse your body) – Shri B.V.Chauhan (Founder of New Diet System(NDS)

शरीर में जमी गन्दगी कैसे निकाले – Detox Your Body in 3 Step

Shri B.V. Chahuan is founder of New Diet System. He clearly explains that the root cause of any disease is the accumulation of toxins in the body, whether it’s excess weight, high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, asthma, PCOD, stones, cysts, or any other chronic disease. No disease can survive in a body that is clean internally. This video explains three powerful methods to remove these toxins, cleanse your body and consequently, lose weight, cure disease, have clearer skin and greater energy.

The three methods that B V Chahuan ji explain in this video are

  1. Sanjeevani/Enema (to cleanse the colon) (🚹 Enema Kit for Home Use – https://amzn.to/36KI04Z)
  2. Langhan/fasting
  3. Juices/Rechak Ras

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New Diet System – NDS (New Diet System is designed by Shri B V Chauhan Saheb who founded NDS (New Diet System). Many people suffering from ailments like severe migraine, spondylitis, frozen shoulder,severe back pain, spine problem, spinal gap, sciatica, knee problem, fracture, ligament tears, calcium deficiency, low hemoglobin, and many more cured their illness with New Diet System.

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