Milk is no longer ‘A Complete Food’

One particular food we consider as a ‘Complete Food’ for children


What is it?

What does a newborn baby get from her mother?

and the answer is ‘MILK’

When mother’s milk is not available, we shift to processed milk foods due to the influence of advertisements. But, Milk that we believe to be good nourishment, is being produced in an unnatural way in last 20 years.  After birth of calves, they are given various injections to extend the natural ‘Milk Producing 3-4 months period’ of cows. To compete with milk producing countries of world,desi (native) cows are not reared anymore. Jersey cows are brought, injected 3-4 times and we boast these cows now give 10-15  litres of milk. We give this milk to our kids and the result is that their natural ‘maturity’ age of 14-15 yrs comes down to 7-8 yrs.

The cows are given injections of OXYTOCIN and other hormones. These hormones come into cow’s milk and enter our and our children’s bodies. We feed this milk to our kids along with hormones for a number of years.

So what are we feeding our children with ? – Milk or Poison?

and that become the main reason of many diseases related to ‘hormonal imbalance’ like PCOD, early puberty, Azoospermia, Oligospermia ….


What and When MILK is good or beneficial

When local cows give birth to calves and they lactate for 2-3 months for calves naturally, such milk may be used with 50% dilution with water and can be fed to the babies whose mothers don’t produce milk for some reason. But when mothers can produce milk and don’t breastfeed their children,disease occurs both to babies and the mothers.

Actually milk should be produced in mother’s breasts and we don’t have any need for taking milk from cows. No animal consumes milk after 2 years of its early life. Only children below three years of age have the necessary enzymes to digest milk completely. The undigested milk is mucous forming and causes lethargy. There are many good and better sources of calcium like Grains (Finger millet, Pearl millet, Sorghum, Sesame seeds..), Lentils and Nuts

Want to know more Read this book,  Milk- The Silent Killer– A book written by Dr. N.K Sharma. This book shatters all myths related to milk. Dr. Sharma is a distinguished naturopath and a Reiki Grand Master. He is advocating living life by obeying laws of nature.

Healthy Alternatives

Try Almond Milk, Coconut Milk

Do you Know?

Verghese Kurien, (26 November 1921 – 9 September 2012), Founder of Amul , known as the Father of the white Revolution in India….

But Interestingly, the ‘milkman’ of India did not consume milk himself. He used to say, “I do not drink milk as I don’t like it.”