5 tips to get back to a healthier life!

Do you know that the illness can be reversed? If not all, let me assure you that even the ones that we believe are genetic or heredity can actually be reversed, so be it heart related ailments, or diabetes you have real chance to revert it and get back to a normal, healthy life. If you really care; here are some 5 simple tips that you should follow to a healthy and superior life  –

Tip#1 – Processed items that you can quit now (easily!)…

We all know that processed and packed foods are high in sugar, synthetic chemicals and artificial ingredients. Most of the processed foods are made using extra quantities of sugar, salt and oils. The worst thing about all of that is that such products are addictive and we always end up eating more that what our body really wants – leading to health issues. Believe me real food is more filling than processed. Always read labels before buying processed foods (watch out for post on “how to read packaged food labels”).

  1. Add more of “whole food” in routine diet, e.g. add green veggies in salads, eat raw fruits, smoothies and juices
  2. Instead of packed salad dressings/dips/spreads, try making dressings at home using fresh herbs and veggies. Use fresh herbs and natural seasonings (e.g. basil/tulsi, coriander, mint, curry leaves etc). Using fresh and whole food is rule#1, but there is another big reason to avoid readymade dressings/dips/spreads – and that’s my rule #2.

Tip#2 – Don’t use refined vegetable oils 

One should never use vegetable oils. No amount of it is safe. There are healthier options (seed or nut oils) available and there is no reason to consume it. One can use seed/nut oils like coconut oil *, mustard oil, flaxseed oil, sesame oil but only in moderation.

Packaged foods that contain large quantities of vegetable oils should be avoided, here are some common products we use but should be avoided – fried chips, mayo and other salad dressings, packed condiments, margarine, packaged snacks, baked goods (specially ones that are high in dairy products and oils) and the list is endless…

* Check out this paper from Dr. B.M. Hegde – ‘Coconut Oil-Ideal Fat Next Only To Mother’s Milk’

Tip#3 – Instead of regular milk, try better alternatives

Milk is not good for health. You may be shocked to know that cow’s milk is literally a cocktail of pus, hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and urea. Want to read more? Check out article Milk is not Healthy a great article by SHARAN (Sanctuary for Health and Reconnection to Animals and Nature) in India. You may also want to read book ‘Milk a Silent Killer‘ by Dr. N.K.Sharma.

Instead of regular milk try almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk. You can easily make them at home. Check out quick and easy almond milk recipe below. These milks can be easily used in shakes, smoothies and desserts.


Tip#4 – Color of food says a lot, watch that carefully!

  1. Instead of white rice, try brown rice
  2. Instead of refined flour, wheat flour, all purpose flour, or maida, use whole grain flours (e.g. whole wheat, barley, pearl millet/bajra, finger millet/ragi etc.)
  3. Instead of white/refined sugar, use alternatives like dates, jaggery. You may want to read my another article ‘I quit sugar’

Tip#5 – Instead of regular noodles/pasta, try this…

Do you know that noodles can be made from vegetables also? Noodles made of spiralized vegetables are not only better overall but they taste great too. Spiralizers add aesthetic appeal to food while ensuring it stays delicious. Spiralized zucchini can easily replace spaghetti. Add fresh herbs and you are ready with the zucchini pasta (some call it zoodles)

Hope you find these tips useful for self and family. I would love to hear your views, suggestion on how to improve this list, or if you have any other ideas of healthy food alternatives, please do share.

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  1. Very motivating blog, liked the tips. Not easy to follow but worth a try!

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