Female infertility & solution - explained

Research suggests there has been over 25% rise in infertility in last five years in India, and one in six couples face infertility problem today. Key signs of infertility are the inability to get pregnant which could be due to one or more reasons e.g. issues with menstrual cycle duration (more than 35 days or under 21 days), missed menstrual cycle, and as a result you may be having problems

PCOS reversal is possible - a natural way to complete healing

Diet plays a major role in treating any lifestyle disease. Unfortunately, we don’t pay attention to our daily diet until a doctor suggests us. Only an individual should be responsible for his/her own health not anyone else so try and Listen to Your Body as food is the MOST powerful medicine! PCOS/PCOD (Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome/Poly-cystic Ovary Disorder) – It is a very common problem today but not reported until it gets really worse,

"The Millet Man" - A US returned scientist is reversing illness without medicine - here is the untold story!

This ‘doc’ in desi khadi does no black magic- instead he advises changes in food choices and minimal medication at a minimal cost to the hundreds of patients at his doors and ends up delivering a miracle. The right kind of food, a simple lifestyle and the right agricultural practices. That’s all society needs to mend its ways and get itself into top health says Dr Khader Valli, a US

Role of Millets in Keeping You Healthy

If you don’t know what are millet, then read Millets – The Forgotten Foods. Millets are superfoods and don’t have lot of processing attached  to it. Low glycemic Foods Gluten Free Grains Rich in antioxidants Lot of micro-nutrients Good amount of fiber Anti carcinogenic effect Reducing the impact of allergic tendencies These millet vary in their nutritive value. Its always better not to combine the millet. Choose your millet based on

Millet Crop

All of us understand that today foods tainted with chemicals is causing us all the trouble….so what to eat? Most of the meals consumed worldwide contain rice, wheat, meat. The fiber content in these meals is nearly ZERO as most of the food is “refined” and/or “processed” in one way or other, even whole flour based items in your meal would have been processed or cooked to such an extent

Milk is no longer 'A Complete Food'

One particular food we consider as a ‘Complete Food’ for children   What is it? What does a newborn baby get from her mother? and the answer is ‘MILK’ When mother’s milk is not available, we shift to processed milk foods due to the influence of advertisements. But, Milk that we believe to be good nourishment, is being produced in an unnatural way in last 20 years.  After birth of