WT's Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Awesome Smoothies!

For many preparing green smoothie may be tough. I can feel that…. as I have spent hours and it took me multiple tries to find my perfect mix to great smoothie. If you are fond of juicing, smoothies gives you 10s of other options to drink greens and fruits. But once I got it right, there was no looking back, every day it was a new mix, going into blender and

Juicing vs Blending: Best Way to Drink Fruits and Greens!

Juicer v/s Blender Here are some common types of juicers that are available in market –     Most recent addition to the blender’s list are advanced “slow juicers“, also the old types of slow juicers the ones that we have been using in old gold days (they are still available online or at shops near you), and of course there are more advanced versions also available that come at a cost.

Juices to charge up your busy day!

I love freshly squeezed (read cold-pressed) juices. Most packed juices are processed and lack any “real” nutritional value. Sharing my fav 5 juice recipes below, and all of these are tried, tested and big hit in my family (and yes, kids love them too!). You must try them once, specially in winters when the market is full of fresh fruits and what a rainbow variety! Juicing daily is a great