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Milk is no longer 'A Complete Food'

One particular food we consider as a ‘Complete Food’ for children   What is it? What does a newborn baby get from her mother? and the answer is ‘MILK’ When mother’s milk is not available, we shift to processed milk foods due to the influence of advertisements. But, Milk that we believe to be good nourishment, is being produced in an unnatural way in last 20 years.  After birth of

Nutty Milk Shake brings you dairy free, sugar free, guilt free and most importantly a tasty and nutritious drink. This drink is full of goodness – fibre from banana and dates, healthy fats and calcium from almonds. It’s quick ‘n fast breakfast that ensure you start a guilt free day with an awesome breakfast ever! Yum! Love and share the love with family! Print Recipe Nutty Milk Shake Course Breakfast, Brunch, Drinks & Beverages

Make Almond Milk at Home - Quick & Easy!

Hope you checked out my post 5 tips to get back to a healthier life!, where I talked about why I prefer Almond Milk over relatively more common cow milk, here I am sharing a really quick and easy home recipe to make almond milk at home. Check out the video walkthrough of recipe. Hope you like the recipe, do share your feedback and suggestions. Print Recipe Almond Milk Really quick and easy to