My 5 favorite wholesome 4pm snacks…

Time around 12 pm (just before lunch) and 4-5 pm (few hours after lunch) is to satisfy your hunger pangs and normally people end up having tea/coffee with biscuits etc.  Stress at workplace normally sends many people to coffee machines, or cookie jar. Snacking smart way is very important…and my idea of smart snacking is wholesome snacking. It is tasty, healthy and if done right, you can have it as much as you want.

Another related and important aspect is to check whether you are really hungry or its just boredom, stress, tiredness etc. Many times it might be thirst and not hunger, so coconut waster or lemon water or just plain water is all your body really needs.

If you are really hungry then you can go for one of my favorite wholesome (and guilt free!) snacks –

Roasted Sweet Potato

Cut into large pieces (with peel on), or roast them whole on an iron tava/pan. Cover with deep lid or pan to lock steam and 15-20mins is all it takes to roast into a tender, sweet snack.

Chana (Black Gram) Chat


This one is really simple – cut dark cucumber and tomato in small pieces,  add pomegranate arils and mix it with bengal gram sprouts. You can add dry seasonings or fresh green salad leaves like lettuce, spinach and bell peppers if you like.


Roasted Nuts


Raw Tomato Soup

You can make this in many different ways and it is quick too. One quick recipe is – take 5-6 tomatoes, and one bell pepper, roast them in oven at medium heat. Take out when tender, and mix them in a blender. Add black pepper and seasonings to taste. There you have awesome wholesome tomato soup.


Sesame/Flax-seed Laddoo (specially good for winters)

In winters I crave for sweet treats around noontime, and I prefer my home made laddoo. Watch this space for detailed recipe.