Make Your Own Composting Kit at Home – DIY Project

I talked about home composting options in my other post “Home Composting for You Kitchen/Backyard Garden“, here I am going to share a quite easy way to make a composting kit/bin at home. This will not save some initial money for sure, but also help clarify some basic questions about composting kits that are hard to find elsewhere.

Lets look at different methods of composting –

  • Pot Composting – uses aerobic medium (microorganisms) for composting
  • Vermi-Composting – uses worms (earthworms) for composting
  • Bokashi Composting – uses fermented medium for composting

We are going to make composting bin/pot that will use first method of composting (Pot Composting), which is easiest of all.

You just need these THREE things to make your home composting Kit –

  • One large size pot with wide opening – you can take a used Clay Pot or Plastic Pot, e.g. a large Flower Pot, or an empty paint bucket, or regular bucket. I bought a Flower Pot from a local potter in Gurgaon.
  • A drilling machine or a regular screw driver
  • A lid to cover (of any material/sort), but heavy and large enough to cover the top of the pot/bucket

Prepare the Composting Bin/Pot:

  1. Make sure the pot/bucket you are using is clean from all chemicals/paints etc.
  2. Make small holes all around the pot/bucket at approx. 3-4 inches distance (depending upon material being used, you can use either drilling machine, or screw driver to make the holes)
  3. Also make a medium size hole at the bottom of the pot

Your composting bin is ready.

Items required for compost:

  1. Keep lots of dry leaves handy – you would need them to add to compost almost regularly
  2. Take one tea spoon curd/butter-milk/lassi (or you could buy the microbes for compost starters/accelerator online)
  3. Small pieces of Jaggery
  4. Kitchen waste from vegetables, fruits (separate it from all polythene, plastic, metals etc.)