Juices to charge up your busy day!

I love freshly squeezed (read cold-pressed) juices. Most packed juices are processed and lack any “real” nutritional value. Sharing my fav 5 juice recipes below, and all of these are tried, tested and big hit in my family (and yes, kids love them too!). You must try them once, specially in winters when the market is full of fresh fruits and what a rainbow variety! Juicing daily is a great way of putting lot of goodness in.

So break away from “orange juice”, and make sure to use multiple fruits and add whole veggies to load “real” nutritional value.

Orange Pomegranate Juice

Juice 4-5 oranges with 2 pomegranates. Add mint for extra nutrients. Its one of my favorite combinations of fruit. Nothing as satisfying as glass full of this juice.

Green Juice

Juice 1 pineapple, a handful of spinach, 10-15 leaves of mint, 2-3 amla, a thumb of ginger, a thumb of raw turmeric. This juice is tasty as well as powerhouse of nutrients with a lot of flavour. You can add bell pepper and coriander also. Sweet pineapple when mixed with spinach becomes a great way to start your day.

ABC Juice (Apple, Beetroot, Carrot)

Juice 8-10 Carrots, 4-5 Beet roots, 2-3 Apples, 10-15 mint leaves, a thumb of ginger. This combination tastes great. This juice has innumerable benefits – weight loss, clear skin…..best juice during detox.

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Tomato Juice

Juice 4-5 carrots, 4-5 tomatoes. Add lemon juice and himalayan pink salt for taste. Apart from taste, tomatoes are powerhouse of nutrition. My family prefer to take it before dinner, sometimes as evening snack. Check out my 5 favorite wholesome evening snacks

Here are some other useful tips:

  1. All above given juice recipes make 2-3 glasses, so enjoy!
  2. Use ripened fruits for better overall taste

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  1. Good way to detox than spending a bomb in spa etc.

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