Home Composting for Your Kitchen/Backyard Garden

I got involved with home/kitchen gardening just about two years ago, almost at the same time as I picked interest for whole plant based diet, and it was hard to really do much in a small flat in Delhi, so I started building my small garden when we moved to Gurgaon last year.

As we all know, with right soil-compost mix you can grow just about anything (need a bit of practice for sure), as compost plays quite an important role in growth of your plants, flowers, and good yield of fruits/vegetables. Now, after about 6 months of fun, adventure, hit-and-trial and experimenting in my garden, I have small and nice garden that’s loaded with greens, flowers, and few vegetables, and just recently I successfully plantedĀ pomegranate tree, and looking forward to some fruits in next couple of months.

With time, as I started setting up garden, buying organic compost was a regular practice which made me think why not to compost myself? The whole new chapter opened, as I started exploring hows/do’s/dont’s of composting.

How to compost at home?

1) Composting with Ready-made Composting Kits/Bins – It is not difficult, but needs discipline and patience of course. To make your job easy, you can buy composting bins and kits online, but be prepared to shell out INR 2000-4000/- for entire kit and accessories that you would need to get started.

There are various options available online, from single bin unit to multi-bin (composting ‘khamba’) for large houses, to really large composting solutions for building/colony.

2) Composting with ‘Do-It-Yourself’ Composting Kit – If you love DIY projects and bit of experimenting, you can not only save money, but also save time in hunting for accessories for composting. Making composting bin/kit is really easy!

3) Online forums/groups and help available for more specific information and guidance on composting. So look out for such friendly groups on Facebook and WhatsApp.

Click here for detailed, step-by-step guide to Make Your Own Composting Kit at Home.

Happy Gardening!