Formula to Total Health….

Three essential components of Total Health :


The first western textbook of medicine written in 1733 in Vienna advised the same method even as far back as the 18th century that is true and is applicable even today, which is :


  1. Change of mode of living – Change of mode of living alone should bring about a healthy society and not medicines, technology, and hospitals. It is fact of life that change of life style/food habits affect our lives so positively that  nothing else can.
  2. Tranquility of mind  – Tranquility of mind filled with universal compassion is a good vaccine against major killer diseases. Try to take the calm approach to the problems of life and not worry and fret over day to day problems that come along
  3. Selective usage of drugs – rarely ever, if ever. Chemical reductionist drugs should be used very sparingly, if ever. Most of the disease specially chronic diseases like Diabetes, Blood Pressure problems,  Heart disease, Thyroid problems etc are lifestyle diseases and can be cured using dietary changes.

Some tips around this….

Try to be active by working around your home and workplace. Try meditation and yoga !!


Try to get a little exercise.


Whole Plant Based Diet is the healthy form of nutrition. Keep away from animal products, Processed and refined products as much as possible. Watch out this to know more…

Get a good night’s sleep.


Spend more time with your family. Time spent with family is worth every second.


All tastes are acquired except breast milk

We have to learn to like every food we eat once we’re weaned. With time we can learn to like healthy foods. Some people have an easier time learning to like new food than others. In case of kids, if we routinely expose young children to a variety of flavors and textures that makes them more likely to eat new healthy foods.

What’s your take on this? Leave your suggestions as comments on the same…