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Make Your Own Composting Kit at Home - DIY Project

I talked about home composting options in my other post “Home Composting for You Kitchen/Backyard Garden“, here I am going to share a quite easy way to make a composting kit/bin at home. This will not save some initial money for sure, but also help clarify some basic questions about composting kits that are hard to find elsewhere. Lets look at different methods of composting – Pot Composting – uses

Home Composting for Your Kitchen/Backyard Garden

I got involved with home/kitchen gardening just about two years ago, almost at the same time as I picked interest for whole plant based diet, and it was hard to really do much in a small flat in Delhi, so I started building my small garden when we moved to Gurgaon last year. As we all know, with right soil-compost mix you can grow just about anything (need a bit