Bollywood moms’ blind love for packaged food

It seems that brands selling FMCG are in love with Bollywood mommies. Why not, as they want to target  working new age mommies and kids, and this further goes deeper in families.

I doubt if Bollywood ever realizes that, they are not just “endorsing these products”, but indirectly selling and promoting lifestyles to your fans and rest of the world. Many mothers look up to you for healthy lifestyle and end up subscribing to the lifestyle that you promote, that leads to irreversible sickness.

Questions that we all have been asking all these years and rarely answered are –

  1. Do they really give these products to their family and kids?
  2. If they don’t consume themselves, should they endorse it at first place?

While we wait for the answers, lets look at some of the adverts that we are reviewing in this article –

Kellogg’s Chocos & Krishma Kapoor 

Let’s hear what diet routine Karishma Kapoor follows in reality….

Dr Oetker & Sonali Bendre

…and now let’s hear from none other than Bendre herself about her beauty secrets…

Kellogg’s Chocos & Juhi Chawla

and the catchy taglines they use to entice customers –

“Pushtik khilao, don’t chupao”

Taste bhi health bhi

Kuch Meetha ho jaye”

“Swad jindagi ka”

“Dimag ki batti jala de”

“No one can eat just one

“I’m lovin it”

“Tedha hai par mera hai”

“Kit-kat break banta hai”

These brands target moms by keeping their site content full with recipes and all colorful stuff. Let’s take the example of McCain Foods, selling frozen foods has its site full of recipes using their products.

As most of their products contain potatoes, they will tell you the goodness of potatoes. But someone please tell them after so much processing and packaging does that goodness left.

Such brands promise convenience and fun and we need to learn to read the product labels correctly to separate products that are sold as food. What we are getting in super markets now a days are products that look like food, but should not be consumed. Over 60% products on the supermarket shelves are not good for human health says a lot about what is being marketed and sold to us. No one can teach us what to eat, we need to help ourselves and our kids.