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WholesomeTales is the creation of Sujata Gupta, a wholesome foodie, blogger and author, well known in the local parents’ circle of New Delhi for her groundbreaking blog that stir the nation in 2007 that sparked “Nursery Admissions Delhi” movement and stood for parents struggle and fought for kid’s right to admission and education. She also co-founded Senior School Moms forum which is bringing mothers across India together to share, help, guide each other in parenting and beyond.

Sujata’s keen interest in “good food” led to a 2 year long research on “why we get sick” that became founding stone for WholesomeTales, that explores “great food”, demonstrates new healthy recipes and shows our age old ways to “wholesome’ well-being. At WholesomeTales, we are firm believer of fact that “food as best medicine” and promote better health by “right food, right time, right way” concept, that anyone can adopt, and it is easy too! A concept that has power to cure ailments like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and many more…

WholesomeTales successfully hosted and executed 7-Day “Reboot Yourself” challenge in Feb 2017 – a first of its kind free and online program that was followed by over 100 members across India.

Sujata is a leading member in “food as medicine” movement in India, and working with many leading visionaries across the globe. Her inspiration for well-being came after she was able to bring her 7 year old son off allergy medicines and antibiotics at the age of 7; and all with changes to diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables with nuts and seeds.

Besides being blogger at WholesomeTales.com, Sujata has created some inspiring talks on her YouTube channel  to guide how to live a medicine free life. She enjoys frequently speaking on health and “food as diet” related topics. She wants to inspire people to find their well-being within so that they can find their own health freedom and live a medicine free life!

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